Over the years the department has graduated more than 400 experts in the field of informatics for the national economy. Among the graduates of the department:

  • People’s Deputies of Ukraine:
    • B. Gubsky
    • A. Bilous

  • known leaders of educational institutions and companies working in information technology:
    • I. Basarab – General Director of “Ukraina-oil-service”
    • S. Hulchuk – founder of the firm “LuckyNet” and “Collocall”
    • V. Baker – President of “Euroindex”
    • M. Glibovets – Head of Department of Computer Technologies of Kiev-Mohyla Academy
    • and V. Protsenko, A. Protasov, S. Voronov, A. Zhezherun, A. Romanovsky, B. Bespaly, A. Gurevich, D. Kohmanyuk, Kanivets V., V. Forsyuk and others

Among those who worked at the department or its faculty attended lectures, there are other people’s deputies of Ukraine, ministers, officials, deans of faculties and heads of departments (Prof. Anisimov AV Sci. Belov Y. A.)

The department has grown over the years of the existence of a strong academic school with major international creative communications. Her students from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India and Vietnam to successfully work in their countries. Total Department brought 44 candidates and 5 doctors (including Lisovik LP, Nikitchenko MS)

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