The department of the Theory and Technology of Programming

Rapid development of computer industry from the end of 60th years of the past century has caused significant growth of needs for specialists on programming who could not only use effectively existing computers, but also to conduct active scientific researches in the field of automated management, language processors, information systems and technologies. Therefore the creation of the department  of the theory of programming in November, 1971 was logical. Its founder and the first chairman became professor V.N.Redko. In 2002 the department was headed by the doctor of physic-mathematical sciences, professor N.S.Nikitchenko.

Mainstream of scientific researches of faculty is theoretical and applied programmology which is based on explicative programming:  the theory of descriptive and declarative program formalisms which are adequate models of data structures, programs and their means of their construction.

Within the framework of this direction it was possible to find the decision of some problems which have significant value further development of computer science and information technologies.

The department provides research, based on composition programming, on the following topics: data/knowledge bases in adaptive technologies of programming, object-oriented tools of educational environments, formal models of programming and specification languages, formal methods of program development. Their practical embodiment became Parametrical Programming systems which supported realization of classes of programming languages, Definitors systems focused on definitions of recursive type, systems of the Composite Automated Synthesis, descriptive CASE-technologies and ADIS:  a network variant of adaptive information-analytical system.

Fruitful scientific researches became the basis for reading at faculty of cybernetics of new educational courses which were included eventually in curricula of other high schools of the country. These are courses on modern problems of cybernetics, mathematical logic, the theory of algorithms, programming, databases, information technologies and program engineering.

For years of existence the department has let out more than 400 experts in the field of computer science for a national economy of the country. Among pupils of the department are leading experts on computer science: professors A.V.Anisimov, D.B.Buj, N.N.Glibovets, A.U.Doroshenko, L.P.Lisovik, N.S.Nikitchenko, People’s Deputies of Ukraine: B.Gubsky, A.Bilous, heads of known firms in the area of information technologies. A lot of graduates of the department successfully work in leading international computer institutes and firms.

On the department for years of existence the strong scientific school with big international contacts has grown. Its pupils from Germany, Czech, Slovakia, India and Vietnam fruitfully work in the countries. In total the department has brought up 44 candidates and 5 doctors of sciences.

Scientific and pedagogical activity of the department was recognized in Ukraine and abroad. Professor V.N.Redko in 1984 has been by an award of Friendship of peoples. Its works in the field of new information technologies have been marked in 1992 by the V.M.Glushkov premium of the national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The same year he became the corresponding member, and in 2000  – the academician of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine. In 2002 he has received a honorary title “The Honored Professor of the Kiev national Taras Shevchenko university”.

Professors of the department D.B.Buj, A.U.Doroshenko, L.P.Lisovik, N.S.Nikitchenko, V.N.Redko are members of program committees of prestigious international conferences, members of editorial boards of the international scientific journal, members and heads of scientific committees of a different level, they repeatedly worked as the invited professors in leading universities of the world.

Now at the department 18 professors and scientific employees work, among them 5 full professors, doctors of physical and mathematical sciences and 8 associate professors, candidates of physical and mathematical sciences work. This significant scientific and pedagogical potential of the department allows it to solve complex modern problems of theoretical computer science which are directed on creations of new information technologies.

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