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The Department of Theory of Programming was founded in November 1971. In 2004, the Department renamed the Department of Theory and Technology program. Scientists involved in the department of modern problems of cybernetics, programming, information technology, software engineering, and so on.

The main direction of scientific research is theoretical and applied programologiya. Within this framework, found a number of issues that are fundamental to the ways of further development of computer science and information technology. The department conducted research and development tools, database support / expertise in adaptive technology software, CASE-technology, the development of object-oriented tools, construction of learning environments based on composite technology.

The department TTP train specialists with higher education full-time and correspondence forms of training in the direction of applied mathematics (0802) degree – Computer Science (080 200) with qualifications: Bachelor – 4 years (6.080200), the expert – 1 year (7.080200), Master – 2 years (8.080200). After receiving training specialist or master’s degree, a student may continue postgraduate studies in the field of “Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science and Cybernetics” (01.05.01) and “Mathematical and software of computers and systems’ (01/05/03) on the day (3 years) or part-time (4 years) courses.

Head of Department, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Nikolai Stepanovich Nikitchenko.

Currently the department has 18 faculty and research staff, including 5 professors, doctors of physical and mathematical sciences, and 8 associate professors, candidates of physical and mathematical sciences. This is a significant scientific and pedagogical potential of the department allows it to solve complex problems of modern theoretical computer science, aimed at creating a new information technology.

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