Boyko Borys Ivanovych

Surname: Boyko

Name: Borys

Last name: Ivanovych


Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences.

He graduated from Kyiv University in 1970 He studied in graduate school during the 1970-1974 biennium defended in 1974 PhD thesis under Professor VNRedko “Grammar inverted-kvazirekursyvnoho type and syntax problems of programming languages.” In 1978, awarded the title of professor. 1987-90 – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics of Science. For many years he was supervisor of automated control systems at the University of ITC and the University first experimental network based on large and small computers that provide collective access to data. 1993-97 – Vice-Rector for Research univesrsytetu.

Lecture courses standard “programming and computer systems”, “Informaiyni Technology”, “IT Management”.

Research Interests – design automation applications.

E mail :

He has over 50 scientific and methodological works.

Scientific papers:

  1. Boyko B., VF Kuzenko and others. Automated system for information support of decision making on forest ecosystems of the Chernobyl exclusion zone., Bulletin of Kiev University. Series “Physics and mathematics”, no. 2, 2000.-s. 171-176
  2. Boyko B. Kuzenko VF On increasing the functionality of automated information systems. -Bulletin of Kiev University. Series “Physics and mathematics”
    no. 3, 2002.-s. 167-172
  3. Boyko B., VF Kuzenko and others. The automated system of radio-ecological monitoring and fire warning for contaminated forests in Exclusion Zone Conference of the International Chornobyl Center “International Cooperation for Chornobyl. Scientists and Engineers for Safe Nuclear Industry”. Abstracts from Presentations. – P. 143-144
  4. Boyko B. Structure imenuvan in prohramuvanni.-Study Paper NaUKMA. T. 19-20. – Computer nauky.-2002. – S. 17-20.
  • International scientific and practical conference “Modern problems of ecological and industrial safety areas”, 2006, Kyiv, p. 151-159.
    Boyko B. Impact of modern technologies on learning the basics of programming. Selected questions prohramolohiyi. Proceedings of the seminar “Prohramolohiya and its application.” – Kyiv, 2007, 55-63C.
    Boyko B. Constructing formal naming structures in programming and modeling
    International conference Dynamical systems modelling and stability investigation. Thesis of conf. report. – Kyiv, 2009. – s.323
    Boyko B. Structuring the names of data processing functions and their compositions
    International conference “Problems of decision making under uncertainties”. Abstracts. – Skhidnytsia, Ukraine, 2009 – C. 123-124.
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