Doroshenko Anatoliy Yjuhymovych

Surname: Doroshenko

Name: Anatoliy

Last name: Yjuhymovych

Post PhD

Professor, Doctor of Science.

graduated from Kyiv State University, Department of Cybernetics, in 1973.

From 1973 to 1997 he worked at the Institute of Cybernetics. Glushkov NAS of Ukraine, from engineer to senior researcher of the theory of digital machines. In 1989 he defended his thesis of candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, and in 1997 – Doctor of Science, both in specialty 01.05.03 – mathematical and software computer systems. Since 1997 – Deputy Director for Science Institute of Software Systems of NASU, since 2001 – Professor of TTP.

Published about 100 scientific and teaching work. Main scientific achievements of Professor A. Doroshenko associated with the development of theory and methods for parallel programming and designing effective software multiprocessor computing systems. He proposed and developed algebrai approach to defining and implementing makrokonveyyernyh parallel computing, which combines the tools of algebra algorithms and theory of discrete dynamical systems for setting operational semantics of parallelism at the algorithmic, program and coordination levels, allowing for a unified basis to combine the most important aspects of the operational semantics parallelism that affect the performance of parallel computing and enable efficient dynamic parallelization of programs with the use of intelligent software tools parallel computing.

Professor. A. Doroshenko is deputy editor of the journal “Problems of Programming”, member of program committee of several international scientific conferences: the International Scientific Conference on Programming (UkrPROG), Parallel Computing Technologies (PaCT) and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (ISTA) .

The field of scientific interests include the development of methods and means of parallel computing and their application in modern information technologies, including:

  • cluster parallel computing;
  • grid-technology and metakomp’yuterni system;
  • agent-oriented technologies and tools intellectualization programming;
  • krupnomasshabni computing applications (meteorology, ecology, bioinformatics, etc..);
  • digital library automation and scientific research.



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