Kuzenko Volodymyr Fedorovych

Surname: Kuzenko

Name: Volodymyr

Last name: Fedorovych



Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences.

He graduated from Kyiv University in 1971. He studied in graduate school during the 1971-1975 years under the guidance of Professor VN Radish. In 1978 he defended his thesis “Problems of equivalence definitions of programming languages ??and applications.” Title Associate Professor received in 1988. In the same year took the post of assistant professor of the theory of programming.

For students of the required reading course “Information Technology” and courses “Introduction to the theory of programming”, “Language Processors”.

Research Interests:

  • theoretical programming;
  • technology programming;
  • system programming.

E mail : kuzenko @ unicyb.kiev.ua

Total number of scientific and methodological works about 80.


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  2. Boyko B., VF Kuzenko On increasing the functionality of automated information systems. – Bulletin of the University of Kiev. Series “Physics and mathematics”, no. 3, 2002.-s. 167-172
  3. Boyko B. Kuzenko VF The use of structured systems analysis in the development of information systems – Study Paper NaUKMA, Computer Science, Volume 16, 1999.
  4. Boyko B., VF Kuzenko and others. The automated system of radio-ecological monitoring and fire warning for contaminated forests in Exclusion Zone Conference of the International Chornobyl Center “International Cooperation for Chornobyl. Scientists and Engineers for Safe Nuclear Industry”. Abstracts from Presentations. – P. 143-144
  5. Kuzenko VF On imperative tools in high-level programming languages. – Bulletin of the University of Kiev. Series “Physics and mathematics”, no. 3, 2002.-s. 207-214.
  • 1. Boyko B., O. Kissel, Kuzenko VF Generating UI automated information systems with geoinformation component. International scientific and practical conference “Modern problems of ecological and industrial safety areas”, 2006, Kyiv, p. 151-159.
    2. Kuzenko VF Study imperative programming languages ​​of high layer are unzipped Selected questions prohramolohiyi. Proceedings of the seminar “Prohramolohiya and its application.” – Kyiv, 2007, 129-139-c.
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