Lavrischeva Ekaterina Mikhailovna

Surname: Lavrischeva

Name: Ekaterina

Last name: Mikhailovna

Post PhD

Doctor Physical and Mathematical Sciences

In 1959. after the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Stavropol State University, specialty “Mathematics” was accepted to work in the Computer Center of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Continue In 1959 1965rr. led by prof. Yushchenko KL developed to address a number of language programs calculation (sypleks method for Mikhalevich VS, cutting materials for Yushchenko VL systems of singular equations Ivanov VV, pryblyzhenyh calculations for Polozheho GA CHP) and others.
During the period (1967-1970) – graduate student at the Institute of Cybernetics school professor E.L.Yuschenko, under her leadership was defended PhD thesis based on the development of systems for engineering complex “Dnepr-2″, entitled “Method of translators from grammars recognized type “(1972).
With the filing of the strategic concept of Glushkov about industry programs as groupage conveyor (1975r.) under the leadership and personal involvement K.M.Lavrischevoyi developed the first system automation applications (APROP) with ready modules specified in different programming languages ​​OS EU (Assembler Fortran, Algol, PL / 1) in their passports and kept in the bank modules (1976-1985). Lavrischeva KM first time in the history of domestic programming concepts defined and published interface (1977) and a method of assembling modules in complex software structure based on intermodule and interlanguage interfaces as mechanisms for the relationship of multilingual modules through an intermediary data and the necessary conversion of incompatible data types transmitted between them. The system APROP and it cross-language library interface to transform non-equivalent data types for these programming languages ​​have been introduced in 52 organizations of the USSR, including data centers in Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk, Riga, Yerevan and others. As a result, it created a new theory of heterogeneous assembly modules in software systems and proposed a new kind of programming – groupage. These robots reserved several PhD theses of workers, including his doctoral thesis “Methods, Means and ynstrumentы sborochnoho programming” (1989) and published a monograph “Sborochnoe programming” in collaboration V.N.Hryschenko (1991).
K.M.Lavrischeva first in the USSR developed the concept and principles of technological lines (TL) as the main mechanism of building conveyor industrial development of different types of programs. This new approach is presented in preprint IC AN USSR “Fundamentals tehnolohycheskoy preparation Developments prykladnыh programs SOD” (1987) and has been tested with the development of software application systems “Jupiter-470″ by constructing 5 TL for the implementation of research and engineering problems of data processing ( 1984-1991).
K.M.Lavrischeva – Head of the Laboratory (1969-1979), Scientific Department SKTB IN Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine (1980-1991) and the Institute of Software Systems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1992-2012). Professor since 1991 with a specialty “Mathematical and software of computers and systems.” From the department of “Software Engineering” (1980) deals with programming techniques and the development of scientific and technical aspects of Software Engineering (Software Engineering), namely, technology development programs, methods of testing and evaluating the quality and development component and generative programming directly in industry on eight fundamental projects SCST (1992-1998), National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Science of Ukraine (1998-2012). In carrying out these projects, step by step vidshlifovuvavsya apparatus of building software for use in factories programs.
K.M.Lavrischeva made a significant contribution to the theory and practice of programming as the successor of Professor EL Yushchenko and software engineering, established a school on the theory of software engineering in Ukraine, produced well-known experts in these fields, developed the basic foundations of industry programs, calculations and data and implement them in practice building factories student programs for the accumulation of scientific artifacts from the disciplines of education in universities.
KM Lavrischeva lectures, conducts seminars, laboratory and scientific studies of these regulations and special courses:
1. “Programming Technology in Information Systems” (4 courses, specialty PI);
2. d / b “Software Engineering” (4 year, specialty Sciences);
3. n / s “Requirements analysis” (4 courses, specialty Information).
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