Nikitchenko Mykola Stepanovych

Surname: Nikitchenko

Name: Mykola

Last name: Stepanovych

Post PhD

Head of the department of theory and technology of programming.
Professor, Doctor of Science.
Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

Graduated from Kyiv State University, Faculty of Cybernetics in 1973.

Works at the university since 1973.

Professor M.S. Nikitchenko developed a new approach for constructing composition-nominative formal models of programs. These formalisms integrate on a single conceptual platform theory of programming, mathematical logic and theory of algorithms. We proposed a generalized notion of computability, described full classes of computable functions and composition over nominative data considered at different levels of abstraction and generality. Together with Prof. S. Shkylniak he constructed a hierarchy of semantics-based composition-nominative logics that significantly generalize the classical logic for partial and nondeterministic predicates defined over nominative data. Based on the proposed integrated theory he developed methods for specifying software systems with a wide use of logical and algorithmic formalisms.

M.S. Nikitchenko participated in many international conferences in different countries (Amsterdam, Warsaw, Hamburg, Kiel, Copenhagen, Moscow, Muenster, Novosibirsk). He is one of the organizers of the International Conference “Theoretical and practical aspects of building software systems” (TAAPSD). He was a member of the Program Committee of the International Congress of formal methods (France, 1999), Conference VDM’90. Since 1995 he is a member of program and steering committees of the International Conference on Database and Information Systems (ADBIS). Member Editorial Board “Journal of logic and algebraic programming» (The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming, ELSEVIER), a member of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS) and the Association of symbolic logic (ASL). In 1992-1996 he was co-chair of the Ukrainian Branch of Computer Society of IEEE.

Professor M.S. Nikitchenko worked at the International Institute of Information Technology United Nations University (UNU / IIST, 1996), he was visiting professor at the Danish Technical University (DTU, 1997-1998), Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France, 2011). He participated in INTAS projects.

Main research interests:

  • Foundations of programming;
  • Formal program models;
  • Formal methods of program development;
  • Composition-nominative logics of different levels of abstraction;
  • Abstract computability.

M.S. Nikitchenko teaches courses “Theory of Programming”, “Mathematical Logic”, “Theory of algorithms”, “Theoretical foundations of programming.”


M.S. Nikitchenko is the (co)author of over 200 scientific and educational works among them a textbook on mathematic logic and theory of algorithms approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and a textbook on theory of programming and on theory of programming and logic.


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