Redko Volodimir Nikiforovych

Surname: Redko

Name: Volodimir

Last name: Nikiforovych

Post PhD

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Professor, Doctor of Science.
State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology

Redko Vladimir N. – founder of Theory programming and its first head. He graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko in 1959 (specialty – mathematics), Graduate Institute of Cybernetics – in 1963 under the guidance of Academician V. Glushkov.

Doctor of Science in 1963, Doctor of Science in 1972, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (major automated systems) from May 2000

The main scientific achievements of Professor VNRedko is open universal descriptive logic and solve three classical problems: existence, uniqueness and description of all the descriptive logic and algebra. This was laid logical and mathematical foundation of a new direction of science – prohramolohiyi that rapidly developing both in this country and abroad. In this line could give a complete resolution of a number of fundamentally complex logical and mathematical problems, some of which had more decision fifty years. In particular, to solve the problem of axiomatization Wedges regular and quasiregular algebra, problem-Chorcha Katlenda completeness of integer computing functions, the problem of Tarski algebraic characterization of computational functions of rational argument and value, and a similar problem Maltsev for dictionary functions.

Scientific results of VN Radish, which constituted the foundation prohramolohiyi included in many monographs and textbooks domestic and foreign authors. On the field and its applications prohramolohiyi grown thorough scientific school with major international creative communications. Her students from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India and Vietnam productive work in their countries. VN Redko prepared 41 candidates and 2 doctors.

For fruitful scientific and pedagogical work was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples (in 1984). His work in the field of new information technologies have been awarded the National Academy of Sciences Prize. Glushkov (1992), was a Soros Professor.

Professor VN Redko is a member of the Consultative Council on Informatization under the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of the Scientific-Technical Council of Ministry of Ukraine for Science and Technology. Several terms were panelists HAC of Ukraine, the advisory council of the National Agency on Informatization under the President of Ukraine.

Over the years reads a fundamental course “Theory of Programming”, prepared dozens of courses, including “Logic Programming” and “Software defynytorы defynytornыe and processors.”


Redko VN is the author of many scientific and educational works.


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